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Punjab Jewellers & Sons, a prestigious jewelry brand based in Lucknow, sought to adapt to the evolving retail landscape by establishing a robust online presence. With aspirations to expand their market reach and enhance customer engagement, the client envisioned a comprehensive eCommerce platform to cater to the modern consumer.


Local Expansion: Punjab Jewellers & Sons aimed to transcend local market boundaries, extending their market presence beyond Lucknow main market to serve customers across various locations within the city.

Complex Jewellery Pricing Updates: The intricate nature of jewellery pricing, influenced by factors such as fluctuating metal prices, gemstone costs, making charges, and other dynamic elements, posed a significant challenge. Crafting a system to accurately reflect these pricing variations in real-time was crucial for maintaining transparency and competitiveness.

Competition: Amidst a competitive local market, jewellery stores face the challenge of distinguishing themselves and attracting customers amidst numerous options. Crafting a compelling online presence and offering unique value propositions becomes essential to stand out in the crowd.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality and authenticity of jewellery sold online presents a challenge, as customers may have concerns about purchasing high-value items without physical inspection. Implementing stringent quality control measures and providing detailed product descriptions and certifications are vital to instill confidence in buyers.

Design Customization: Many customers seek personalized jewellery designs tailored to their preferences, posing a challenge for online retailers to provide customizable options while maintaining operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Security Concerns: Dealing with high-value transactions online raises security concerns for both customers and the retailer. Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data and financial transactions is paramount to building trust and credibility.

Delivering Online Order Securely: Ensuring timely delivery and maintaining inventory levels to meet fluctuating demand.

Cultural Sensitivity: Catering to diverse cultural preferences and traditions regarding jewellery design and symbolism requires a nuanced approach. Understanding and respecting cultural nuances while offering a diverse range of products is essential for appealing to all types of customer base.

Be ready for the Future: Punjab Jewellers & Sons aimed to lead the local market by adopting innovative technology and offering superior products and services.


Kraftors Web Solutions, a highly skilled eCommerce development company with a rich history of delivering tailored solutions, took on the challenge of Punjab Jewellers & Sons' project with confidence and expertise.

Established in 2016, Kraftors has cultivated a strong presence in the industry, collaborating with esteemed teams like Gyansys, Dckap, Macmillan Education, Culturehaat, and numerous other global brands.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in eCommerce, Kraftors boasts a team of Adobe Certified Professionals—Adobe Commerce Developers who excel in implementing innovative solutions.

Technical Implementation

Utilizing their extensive skill set, Kraftors embarked on a comprehensive approach to meet Punjab Jewellers & Sons' unique requirements. Their services spanned across theme customization, development, Magento 2 customization, and DevOps.

From initial development to deployment, Kraftors ensured seamless integration and functionality. Currently, they are leveraging their expertise to enhance the platform's SEO capabilities, further optimizing Punjab Jewellers & Sons' online presence.

By harnessing their vast experience and technical prowess, Kraftors Web Solutions crafted a solution tailored to Punjab Jewellers & Sons' needs, setting the stage for success in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

Magento 2 Customization: Leveraging the robust features of Magento 2, Kraftors customized the platform to align with the client's specific needs. This included developing custom modules for dynamic pricing, personalized product options, and integrated order management.

Dynamic Pricing Module: Built a sophisticated pricing module within Magento 2 capable of dynamically adjusting product prices based on real-time data feeds of metal prices, gemstone costs, and other relevant factors.

Custom Product Options: Implemented advanced customization features within Magento 2, allowing customers to personalize their jewellery selections with options for metal type, gemstone selection, engraving, and more.

Security Enhancements: Implemented industry-leading security protocols within Magento 2 to ensure secure transactions and protect sensitive customer data. This included SSL encryption, PCI compliance, and robust access control measures.

Performance Optimization: Conducted extensive performance optimization for the Magento 2 platform to ensure fast load times, seamless user experience, and scalability to accommodate future growth.

SEO Optimization: Implemented SEO best practices within Magento 2 to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic to the Punjab Jewellers & Sons website, enhancing its online presence.

eCom Express Shipping Gateway: We created a custom shipping module to implement the eCom Express shipping into Magento 2 since eCom Express do not provide any plugin for Magento 2

Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration: Implemented the Razorpay Payment gateway for payments on the store

Custom Payment Method developed: To create the order from the admin panel, we created one payment gateway which is visible in the admin panel and any admin user or support staff can create the order for repair or any other related service.

Custom Shipping Method developed: To create the order from the admin panel, we created one Shipping Method which is visible in the admin panel and any admin user or support staff can create the order for repair or any other related service.

Dynamically updating Pricing: We also developed a system which automatically updates the prices of the products using cron job which is executed every 24 hours.

Technical Stack Used

Magento 2: Leveraging the robust features of Magento 2, Kraftors customized the platform to seamlessly align with the client's operations and requirements.

PHP: The backend of the eCommerce platform was developed using PHP, ensuring robust and scalable performance.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript: Crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly frontend interface required expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

MySQL: The database management system MySQL was utilized to efficiently store and manage product information, customer data, and transaction records.

Git: Utilized Git for version control, enabling efficient collaboration among team members and ensuring codebase integrity.

Scrum Methodology: Employed Scrum methodology for project management, facilitating iterative development and regular feedback cycles.

DevOps Tools: Utilized a suite of DevOps tools for continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring to ensure the stability and performance of the eCommerce platform.

Client-Centric Approach

Kraftors Web Solutions prioritizes effective communication with clients, ensuring their needs are understood and addressed comprehensively. By providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, Kraftors strives to deliver the best results within the client's budgetary constraints.


Market Expansion: The eCommerce platform facilitated Punjab Jewellers & Sons in expanding their market reach, resulting in increased sales and brand visibility across various locations within Lucknow.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Features such as customizable designs, stringent quality assurance, and personalized customer experiences contributed to improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency: Consolidating operations through the eCommerce platform led to cost savings and enhanced efficiency for Punjab Jewellers & Sons.

Revenue Growth: The introduction of dynamic pricing, innovative design customization options, and a compelling brand presence drove revenue growth and customer loyalty for the client.

In conclusion, through strategic collaboration with Kraftors Web Solutions, Punjab Jewellers & Sons successfully navigated the complexities of digital transformation, delivering a tailored eCommerce solution that exceeded expectations and propelled the client towards sustained growth and success in the competitive global jewellery market.

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An eCommerce platform can significantly expand your reach by allowing you to sell your products or services online, reaching a wider audience beyond geographical boundaries. It provides convenience for customers, increases sales opportunities, and allows for efficient management of inventory and orders.

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The timeline for developing an eCommerce platform can vary depending on the complexity of the project, specific requirements, and client preferences. Kraftors Web Solutions works closely with clients to establish realistic timelines and milestones, ensuring timely delivery while maintaining high-quality standards.

Kraftors Web Solutions specializes in developing eCommerce solutions on platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Shopware and custom-built solutions. We leverage our expertise and experience to recommend the most suitable platform based on each client's unique requirements and objectives.

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